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Drone video can add a new perspective to your film and video project. With your choice of 4K or HD footage, we can provide whatever technical standards are necessary to suit your project. 

I've shot drone footage for films, documentaries, and commercials, so you can rely on Keyframe to fulfill your project with creativity and safety.


We shoot in D-Log or D-Cinelike mode so you can add your own color grading, or we can do color correction for you. We also offer video editing services.

With $1 million in liability insurance and the AirMap app to get airspace authorization, you can have peace of mind the job will be done with safety and qualilty. Click "Contact me" for pricing packages and availability. 

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Keyframe knows how to present a house for aerial photography to make the most impact. Video packages can display both the outside and inside of the house for maximum impact. We can shoot at the magic hour (an hour after sunrise or before sunset) to give the best presentation to your home.


Contact us for pricing info and availability.


Quality aerial photography and video can be the difference between selling your home or losing out to another real estate agent. At Keyframe, we offer:

  • Aerial photo and video of your property

  • Video packages of drone footage with interior presentation

  • External 3-D mapping (coming soon)

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Chalk art Waco Texas Drone
  • Marketing campaigns to include your staff and your physical plant

  • Family photos

  • Boost your social media presence 

From pre- and post-shoot advice to image editing and touch-ups, Keyframe's range of professional services ensure you’ll receive the picture perfect outcome. Get in touch to find out more about their services.

Drone photos can tell a story that ordinary photography can't match. Use aerial shots to boost your marketing campaign or for your personal use. Some possibilities include: 

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From roofs to towers, an aerial visual inspection can help you spot problems before they occur. Some possibilities include:

  • Insurance adjusters can get a roof inspection before climbing on a roof or can avoid using the ladder all together

  • Inspect buildings and property for storm damage 

  • Measure the height of a building or tower

  • Count cattle or other livestock

  • Monitor construction progress

Click the link below if you need one of these services or if you have another idea you think merits the use of drone video and photography.

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